EthicskinTM is a multifunctional active principle for healthy aging, obtained as the final result of an emblematic initiative of Provital in terms of sustainability together with the Mujeres y Ambiente (M&A) association of Querétaro, Mexico.

M&A is a community initiative that works to improve the livelihoods of local communities through a micro-enterprise focused on the sustainable cultivation of vegetables and medicinal and aromatic plants. Provital began collaborating with this initiative in 2014 with the cultivation of Agastache mexicana (Agascalm™ link to the product) in accordance with the philosophy of access and benefit sharing (ABS), bringing together private companies, institutions academics, public ministries, researchers and scientists to recognize the importance of natural resources, biodiversity and sustainable practices, as well as the value of traditional and indigenous knowledge.

EthicskinTM received international recognition in its first year of launch, being a finalist in the Sustainable Beauty Awards for being a well-aging and multifunctional active ingredient developed in collaboration with local sustainable farmers in Mexico, Mujeres and Ambiente. In addition, it has the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and has been awarded its Equator Prize 2020.

Heterotheca inuloides is known locally as Mexican arnica or “Cuateteco”. Ethicskin™ is sustainably sourced from this traditionally relevant plant through the implementation of an integrated watershed management system, providing better soil and water conservation.

EthicskinTM achieved the first global CCRI under the Nagoya Protocol awarded to a cosmetic ingredient.

More information about the EthicskinTM here.

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