Taking action for the planet

Taking action for the planet

We take an efficient, data-based approach to ensure sustainable manufacturing. We have individual lines of work that focus on multiple aspects of environmental management. 

Key aspects of our programme

• Managing our carbon footprint

• Improving waste management

• Use of water

• Management of packaging and plastics 


Eco-efficiency is limited by the design of the product. Our aim is to be as efficient as possible, taking into account the product requirements established during the design phase.

Plastic has the technical properties that we need and, up to now, we have not found an optimal solution for replacing it. Nevertheless, we are committed to working with our clients and suppliers to identify opportunities for reducing, reusing or replacing plastic packaging.

As far as possible we use locally sourced ingredients to minimise their environmental impact. This practice does, however, give rise to supply chain risks and instability, so we have to balance these factors in order to guarantee quality and service.

*data updated on 4 May 2023

Launch of the new Provital Climate policy and strategy.
15-20% reduction in the intensity of grid electricity consumption with the use of photovoltaic energy.
Calculation of CO2 emissions to make reduction and neutralisation plans.
Reduce waste by 90%.
Use less than 5L water/kg manufactured.
Certify environmental management system.

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