Taking action for a purpose

Taking action for a purpose

We define ourselves as a company with a focus on quality and innovation, with a proactive and demonstrable commitment to society and the environment. We put this commitment into action through our commercial operations and philanthropic activities. 

Key aspects of our programme

• Social commitment and philanthropy.

• Business ethics and tackling corruption.

• Transparency and accuracy in our communications about sustainability.


Sustainability is one of Provital’s four strategic pillars, together with its focus on the global market, quality and service, and innovation. We care about helping society and protecting the environment, and doing so without compromising any of the other pillars.

Greenwashing is a serious problem in the cosmetics sector. Provital has two key tactics for preventing it. The first is to be clear about the extent of our statements regarding sustainability. We are not going to claim to be the leading company in every aspect of sustainability. However, focusing on our own portfolio, we do aspire to offer the most sustainable products on the market. The second tactic is to guarantee that any statements we make regarding sustainability are backed by the same clear scientific information and rigorous attention to detail that we apply when measuring the quality and effectiveness of our ingredients.

With regard to ethical management, it must be noted that Provital operates in diverse and complex environments. We focus on creating the tools we need to ensure our ethical values are maintained, wherever we operate in the world while adapting them to local contexts.

*data updated on 4 May 2023

New sustaniability policy.
Code of ethics.
100% of distributors recognise the anti-corruption policy.
Sustainability and environmental standards (ECOVADIS GOLD).
100% of employees recognise the anti-corruption policy.
Create and use social impact metrics for specific projects.
Foundation to manage social actions, events and volunteers.

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