A choice selection of the most organic natural extracts in our CareMotives portfolio, the EcoCares COSMOS-certified ingredients are the result of a firm commitment to respect nature, in its entirety, for the benefit of the common good, based on the Beauty with Conscience ethos.

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ACAI - ECO (41881)
Nourishing and antioxidant. It stimulates circulation. COSMOS certified. Paraben free
Ideal for sensitive skin. Reepithelizing, anti-inflammatory, inmunomodulator and hydrating. COSMOS certified. Paraben free
Honey-Eco. COSMOS certified, due to its composition, honey offers moisturizing, antioxidant and calming properties among others, which are interesting for hair care. It offers a natural shine and a deep moisturization to the hair, which looks better. Paraben free
APPLE - ECO (41841)
Antioxidant and moisturizing. It stimulates cellular regeneration and regulates transepidermal water loss. COSMOS certified. Paraben free
COSMOS certified. Oil. Antioxidant. Anti-aging. Hydrating. Regenerating. Restructuring. Skin softening. Emollient. Paraben free
Epithelizing. Promotes collagen synthesis. Stimulates dermal metabolism. Anti-aging. Skin firmness.
COSMOS certified. Anti-irritation. Promotes skin repair and healing. Skin soothing. Skin protector. Free radicals scavenger. Moisturizer. Stimulates skin defenses. Paraben free
COSMOS certified. Anti-irritation. Skin soothing. Skin protector. Free radicals scavenger. Paraben free
COCOA - ECO (41031)
COSMOS certified, this appreciated ingredient has theobromine and caffeine among other compounds which give it a clear lipolytic effect. It also stimulates the circulatory system and it is an antioxidant agent. It is highly adequate to deal with excess weight and cellulite problems but also to remodel figure. Paraben free
COFFEE - ECO (41021)
COSMOS certified, this well-known product has methylxanthines, with caffeine among them, and other compounds which act on the adipose tissue and circulation, facilitating the slimming and diminishing effects on the fatty tissue. It is appropriate for slimming, body weight diminishing and/or cellulite processes and also as an antioxidant agent. Paraben free

True to our objective of caring, we’re committed to respecting natural resources and their surrounding ecosystems, by taking the utmost care in developing ingredients that enhance authentic beauty in all its forms, in the image of nature itself.

Natural organic cosmetic ingredients

Caring for that which cares for us is our central premise. We understand care as the value of being transparent and honest. A deep-rooted spirit that leads us to treat each process of creating natural extracts with the utmost respect.

Biologists, in essence, are driven by a passion and admiration for nature. A vocation that marks our determination to guarantee the organic origin of our natural extracts, which we do through COSMOS certification.

EcoCares is our COSMOS-certified range of natural ingredients. Organic, paraben-free plant-based extracts that care for the skin and enhance its natural beauty, just as we care for the biodiversity of nature.

COSMOS certification, the guarantee of organic cosmetic ingredients

Our commitment to transparency and respect for nature's ecosystem is reflected in our EcoCares range of natural extracts. COSMOS-certified natural ingredients that respond to the growing demand for transparency and organic origin. Because trust is invaluable, our EcoCares extracts are part of the Clean Beauty movement, which is aligned with the environment.

COSMOS-certified natural ingredients express the essence of the skin’s beauty in the most authentic and natural way. As nature is honest, we correspond with transparency to its purpose. Paraben-free organic extracts for beauty without artifice and with respect for the environment. Choose from a wide selection of our sustainable star products such as aloe vera eco, chamomile eco, calendula eco and green tea eco.

If you want to take care a step further, we recommend CareActives, an invaluable range of natural active ingredients that explore new mechanisms of action - within vivo, in vitro or ex vivo efficacy results - forskincaree, overall well-being and respect for our environment.