We invite you to imagine a universe of personal care inspired by the wide variety of compositions that nature offers us - a medley of forms, colours, and textures. This is the idea behind ImagineCares, the CareMotives range that incorporates the most creative natural ingredients.

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Natural ingredients for formulas that invite the imagination

ImagineCares is our most inspiring range of CareMotives cosmetic extracts. Natural ingredients that inspire an unexplored beauty, nourished by the wonders of the beautiful places that surround us.

Let your imagination loose among a varied range of milks, vinegars and mineral extracts. Impregnate your formulas with our rose rain, lavender rain, hamamelis rain or orange blossom rain and imbue your creations with freshness and freedom. Enrich your creations with milks based on hero ingredients such as sweet almond, hydrolyzed oat, and coconut or give them a simple, light touch with cotton seed milk.

Emulating the diverse compositions of shapes, colours and textures of nature to express a unique beauty

Extracts taken from here and there to create imaginative formulas that allow each person to express their own unique beauty. Because in difference lies authenticity and true beauty.

ImagineCares offers you a varied selection of extracts that invite you to imagine by emulating the multitude of creations that nature presents us with through its colours, textures, and shapes.

If you want to take care a step further, we recommend CareActives, an invaluable range of natural active ingredients with precious value. These inspire the creation of cosmetic solutions through new mechanisms of action to enhance personal care, and are attuned with natural well-being.