We extract the essence of nature to offer you a selection of warming, comforting oils. Beauty at its purest. OilyCares, a wide range of natural oil extracts that include the most diverse formulations to cater for the expression of all types of beauty connected with our environment.

Discover the quality of our products

Oil. Antioxidant. Anti-aging. Moisturizing. Emollient. Anti-inflammatory. Sensitive skin. Wound healing. Paraben free
AMBER OIL (13980)
Antioxidant and regenerative. Anti-inflammatory. Paraben free
Oil. Anti-cellulite. Lipolytic. Anti-edema. Blood Flow Activator. Anti-inflammatory. Paraben free
ARNICA OIL (12000)
Oil. Anti-irritant. Moisturising. Anti-microbial. Hair growth delayer
Oil. Firming. Epithelizing. Wound healing. Moisturizing. Emollient. Tonifying. Blood flow activator. Anti-cellulite. Paraben free
Emollient. Anti-aging. Stimulates the skin. Improves dermal metabolism. Moisturizing. Emollient. Wound healing. Hair conditioning and repairing. Anti-hair loss. Paraben free
Oil. Paraben free
BIRCH OIL (13920)
Oil. Anti-cellulite. Firming. Anti-inflammatory. Sensitive and/or irritated skin. Anti-seborrhea. Hair care. Antimicrobial. Purifying. Antiseptic. Paraben free
BORAGE OIL (12750)
Oil. Antimicrobial. Purifying. Antiseptic. Stimulating actions on the skin barrier function. Emollient. Antioxidant. Anti-aging. Hair color protection. Photoprotection. Paraben free
CARROT OIL (12800)
Skin protection. Free radicals scavenger. Enhances suntan. Protection of skin and hair against oxidative processes. Anti-aging. Improves wrinkles and roughness of mature skin. Skin and hair repairing. Skin barrier restoring. Emollient. Softening. Paraben free

Natural cosmetic oils for when you need some warmth

OilyCares is the most warming and enveloping of our CareMotives cosmetic extracts, bringing together the most prized plant essence and emulating the splendour of our environment. A wide selection of natural oils rich in beneficial properties, from all corners of the world, to meet the needs of the most disparate and authentic beauty.


We offer multiple possibilities for creating cosmetic solutions for face, body and hair care. Choose from oils extracted from popular seeds such as sunflower oil and wheat oil. Find your inspiration among star foods such as almond oil, carrot oil and avocado oil. Discover traditional favorites such as coconut oil and shea oil. Or respond to the growing demand for exotic ingredients such as macadamia oil and monoï oil.

Oils from across the globe for inclusive beauty

Oils from plants, flowers, roots, trees, seeds, fruits and algae discovered in the most disparate corners of the planet to inspire formulations that respond to the inclusive call of the most diverse beauty. Give your formulas some sparkle with creations made from carefully-extracted oils, with the clear intention of caring.


If you want to take care a step further, we recommend CareActives, an invaluable range of natural active ingredients that explore new mechanisms of action - with in vivo, in vitro or ex vivo efficacy results - for skin care, overall well-being and respect for our environment.