Taking action for resources

Taking action for resources

We are committed to improving the sustainability of our supply chain. We supervise and work with our suppliers to improve their performance. We provide transparency and traceability for our naturally sourced ingredients. 

Key aspects of our programme

• A sustainable procurement programme.

• Transparency and traceability.

• Monitoring our impact on local communities, ABS, biodiversity and palm oil.


Supply chains in the cosmetics sector are long and complex. Managing the data is a challenge for the entire sector. We are firmly committed to ensuring the traceability, transparency and quality of our supply chain data.

Some of our products contain ingredients manufactured using palm oil certified by the RSPO using the mass balance method. Mass balance is the most commonly used method to certify palm oil but, as a system, its efficacy is limited.

*data updated on 4 May 2023

RSPO Certification - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.
Replacement of BHT anti-oxidant contained in certain products with natural tocopherol.
Inclusion of sustainability criteria and processes in the approval and procurement system.

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