Sustainability with a great rating

Once again, this year, EcoVadis has assessed Provital's corporate sustainability for 2022. After a great work and efforts of different departments of Provital, we have managed to improve the score up to a result of 71. This has allowed us to move from Silver Medal to Gold Medal with a result above 96% of the evaluated companies in the same sector and related. In 2021 we obtained a 60, with a score above 83%.

The EcoVadis method covers 7 management indicators based on 21 sustainability criteria, distributed in 4 areas: environment, working conditions, business ethics and sustainable purchasing. The method is based on the main sustainability standards, such as the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the UN Global Compact and the ISO 26000 standard, and is supervised by an international scientific committee.

The evaluation criteria used are:

  • Platinum - 1% best scores (between 75 and 100)
  • Gold - 5% best scores (between 67 and 74)
  • Silver - 25% best scores (between 56 and 66)
  • Bronze - 50% best scores (between 47 and 55)

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