Taking action for sustainable products

Taking action for sustainable products

We are committed to supplying innovative, high quality products that are environmentally-friendly and respectful of society. We invest in our values, constantly reviewing our portfolio, so that all our products and new designs meet sustainability criteria, and balance profitability against sustainability.

Key aspects of our programme

• Using life cycle analysis

• Developing our own criteria for defining what a sustainable product is

• Reorientation of our portfolio towards these standards 


There are many green certification schemes in the cosmetics sector, with varying degrees of legitimacy. To combat this and to clarify the issue, we focus on developing our own criteria for what a sustainable product is, using real, transparent scientific data on the genuine environmental impact of our ingredients.

As a company, we do not claim to be market leaders in all aspects related to sustainability but, focusing on our portfolio, we do aspire to offer the most sustainable products on the market.

*data updated on 4 May 2023

Define ESG criteria for obtaining raw materials.

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