SenserynTM is inspired by the natural defense mechanism of plants. The bitter taste allows many plants to naturally defend themselves against pests. Rich in polyphenols and bitter acids, hops is known for it's antioxidant and antibacterial properties, as well as calming effect in nervous or anxious conditions.

Provital is aware of the importance of sustainability and traceability of its ingredients. For the production of Senseryn™, we use hops from a family, artisan company, Lovilot, which grows this plant and produces beer, and has an organic certificate verifying the authenticity, sustainability and quality of the production process. By sourcing from a local supplier, we reduce our environmental impact in terms of fuel consumption and carbon footprint. In addition, we use the hop variety best suited to the climate and soil type of the region where other plant species are also grown, to ensure not only sustainability but also the biodiversity of the growing area.

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