At Provital, we not only apply circular economy concepts to our processes, but we also study the possibility of taking advantage of these resources to manufacture our assets, transforming this idea into a concept of "circular beauty" to progressively work towards a cosmetics industry from zero waste, an industry that is in tune with the rhythms of nature.

To truly embark on a circular beauty project, collaboration is essential. Pomarage™ was born as a consequence of this intention of collaboration between different points of the value chain, as a consequence of an industrial symbiosis project for the use and recovery of waste between Mooma® and Provital.

Mooma® is a local, artisan and family supplier in Girona (Spain), a few kilometers from Provital. With more than 50 years in the fruit field, they are the third generation of a family dedicated to growing apples in the Empordà area. From the processing of the apple necessary to make the cider, a by-product is mainly obtained: Apple cake, an agricultural residue that contains a mixture of pulp, skin and seeds. Being a product rich in polyphenols, at Provital we decided to reuse it as the main raw material for Pomarage™, and thus obtain a well-aging active.

Pomarage™ is the cosmetic result of the recovery of apple processing by-products from the local industry. The apple is synonymous with health throughout the world, and its upcycling is a necessity; Well, only in Spain, more than half a million tons of apples are produced per year, of which 25-30% becomes waste. Depending on the type of residue, we find a higher concentration of polyphenols, an active molecule with known and proven anti-aging properties for the skin.

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