Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Sustainability Report and Sustainability Policy are the active and voluntary contribution from PROVITAL towards environmental, social and productive improvements.

Referents are:

• UN World Agreement (Sustainable Development).

• ABS Regulation and Nagoya protocol.

• Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

• International Labour Organization (ILO).

• ISO 26000: Guide on Social Responsibility.

The Sustainability Report is considered a strategic document of PROVITAL which establishes our compromise with nature and contributes to the fact that sustainable development is the source of a new type of technologic innovation and growth.

The report details our main contributions to the social, occupational, environmental and economic improvement and it is a way of communication with all the groups of interest of PROVITAL:

• Customers

• Distributors

• Suppliers

• Community, Society and Institutions

• Staff and collaborators

Our efforts in implementing and applying a good sustainability strategy are rewarded with the EcoVadis gold medal with a result above 96% of the evaluated companies in the same sector and related.

"The goal is to cover our present needs without compromising the needs of future generations".