We respond to the growing demand to feel emotions through the senses, to thrill with sensory experiences, to connect with holistic wellness that integrates health, beauty, and connection to our environment. VitaCares contains active ingredients that create a natural cosmetic that thrills.

Conheça a qualidade dos nossos produtos

Natural cosmetic ingredients for vital formulas

VitaCares is the most vital range of our CareMotives cosmetic extracts. Natural extracts enhance one's beauty by emulating the splendor of the rich natural environment around us. Abundant with the rich properties of a combination of the most vital essence of foods, flowers, and fruits from all corners of the world.

A multitude of choices, from the acclaimed soothing and moisturising properties of aloe vera extract to centella asiatica, also known as cica, is a much sought after extract from Asia that is growing in global popularity.

Choose from a variety of extracts of grain and fruit hero ingredients such as oat, almond, cucumber, pomegranate, carrot, watermelon, coconut, pineapple and olive.

Be inspired by traditional ingredients that reinforce consumer confidence, such as calendula, chamomile, and arnica.

Join the demand for increasingly popular ingredients such as ginger and ginseng.

Extracts of the past and today’s long-term guarantors

Traditional extracts and today's ingredients from which to draw inspiration for new times and create formulas that will last over time. Because the Slow Beauty movement calls for slowing down our lifestyle and prioritizing the long term for the benefit of our well-being, health, and the sustainability of the planet. Apply it to your new cosmetic creations, choosing from a wide range of possibilities that respond to global demand.

If you want to take care a step further, we recommend CareActives, an invaluable range of natural active ingredients that explore new mechanisms of action - within vivo, in vitro, or ex vivo efficacy results - for skincare, overall well-being, and respect for our environment.