Densinaria, the deity of abundance from the Northern Oceans
Listen to this 2-minute audio story and learn about Densinaria’s tale. Meet the deity of the Seas that inspires strength and resilience to challenge hair breakage thanks to Palmaria palmata’s extract.
Inspired by the Deity of the Seas to challenge hair breakage

Application, claims, target function (Hair Care)

Repairing / Strengthening



Main Ingredients

Palmaria palmata
Preservative free

• Hair volume and strength boosted through an optimized enzyme-assisted extraction process.

• Strengthening action on the cuticle, thanks to reconstructive biomolecules.

• Split ends prevention thanks to the film-forming effect of Palmaria palmata seaweed.

• Hair fibre resistance from the inside out, enhanced with arginine.

• Reconstructive effect on hair fibre, similar to keratin.


China compliance
Vegan compliance
Halal certificate
ISO 16128-Natural Origin (%) 100%
Cosmos Approved