Triplobiome™ Technology

Discover Triplobiome™ Technology: Provital’s breakthrough biotech platform that uses plant endophytes as a sustainable and effective source to produce new natural active ingredients

Introducing Triplobiome™

In line with the growing nature-seeker consumer needs, and with Provital’s ‘Do Care’ values, we have dedicated many years to finally presenting a game-changing range of active ingredients that will be able to activate skin intelligence via the transfer of nature’s ancient wisdom. Just like in a real ecosystem, the first-of-its-kind Triplobiome™ platform integrates the power of Animal and Plant kingdoms, together with their Microbiome, to bring unprecedented symbiotic synergies for the development of new cosmetic ingredients.

This new biotech platform uses plant endophytes as a sustainable and effective source to produce new natural active ingredients, with the persistent goal of maintaining the biodiversity – key for ecosystem balance – and preventing the use of the current huge plant biomass that is needed to achieve active compounds for cosmetic purpose.

Triplobiome™ Process

What are Endophytes?

Endophytes are symbiotic microorganisms that live inside plants, promoting beneficial effects on their growth and development. This plant microbiota exhibits a remarkable capacity for synthesizing bioactive phytochemicals, providing a viable alternative for producing cosmetic actives while mitigating the overexploitation of host plants. 

With a sustainable innovation like Triplobiome™ Technology, we aim at putting Provital at the forefront for sustainability, with the ultimate goal being the complete ‘greenization’ of the cosmetics industry. With that purpose in mind, we are also working on a complete quantification of our ingredients’ life cycle analysis (LCA) according to LCA System Limits, which, in the future, will enable our customers to assess their final product sustainability with a level of transparency that the future consumer will expect.

Why Plant Endophytes?

Because we are committed to supplying innovative, high-quality products that are environmentally-friendly, we have developed this new way of bringing nature’s ancient wisdom to humankind, so that Provital becomes the first ingredient supplier to ever create real ‘ecosystem ingredients’ by making use of interkingdom symbiosis.