Rising Stars Challenge

Call 2022 finalised. Next call in 2024.


We care for innovation and out-of-the-box ideas.
Welcome to the first edition of the Rising Stars Challenge!

In line with Provital’s philosophy for caring for people and their talent, we are launching this cosmetic formulation competition exclusively aimed at students from all around the world (undergraduate, postgraduate, vocational training, etc.) who are interested in the personal care sector and passionate about formulation and the latest trends in the cosmetics market.

Because taking care is taking action.
All proposals will be evaluated by an international panel of experts and the final formulations will be published in both the digital and printed versions of our catalogues, thus gaining visibility in more than 100 countries where Provital is present.

Let your talent and creativity be known and appreciated around the world!

What is the competition about?
Our Rising Stars Challenge is all about creativity, knowledge and originality applied to the cosmetics sector in order to take care for people and the planet.
You will have to design a formulation including the Provital ingredient that is assigned to you once you finish the registration process. In order to minimize paperwork and logistics, samples of the ingredients will not be sent. That is why the proposals to be presented will be totally theoretical. You have until September 9th 2022, 5:59 p.m. (CET) to submit your proposal.
The theme of, and inspiration for this competition is “Latest trends around the world”.
The official language of this competition is English. Therefore, your application will have to be submitted entirely in English.
Registration is totally free.

Who can participate?
Only students can participate in this Competition, including but not limited to postgraduate, undergraduate, vocational training, etc. The Rising Stars Challenge is open to students from any country around the world.
Only one formulation is allowed per student.

How to participate?
First, you have to go to the REGISTRATION & SUBMISSION section to fill out the registration form with your personal data. After you complete this step, we will send you a confirmation email from our marketing@weareprovital.com account, where you will receive the name and the documentation of one of our ingredients, as well as your personal identification number as a contestant of the Rising Stars Challenge 2022.
The Challenge is to create a new cosmetic product formulation inspired in the latest trends in the beauty and personal care sectors and must include the Provital’s ingredient that has been assigned to you.
Design your formulation and go back to the REGISTRATION & SUBMISSION tab, where you will find a section for submitting your proposal in PDF format, as well as a small explanatory video of it. You will need to enter the personal identification number that you received via email after your registration confirmation for a successful proposal submission. Both the PDF file and the video must be in English.
The deadline for submitting your files is September 9th 2022, 5:59 p.m. (CET).

Assignment of the ingredient with which you will participate:
Once you finish the registration process, the system will automatically assign you an ingredient from one of our 13 product subcategories. All the details and documentation you need to generate your formulation proposal will be automatically sent to the email address you included in your registration.
You can find all Provital products in our catalogues CareActives and CareMotives.

Formulation guidelines:
  • The composition must include the Provital product that has been assigned to you.
  • Minimum 90% natural origin content (ISO 16128).
  • Free packaging. However, a sustainable packaging proposal will be positively valued.
  • Free cosmetic form.
  • The design of minimalist formulations will be positively valued.

PDF file requirements:
(.pdf) (maximum file weight = 2 MB)
All the following information must be included in just one page:
  • Name of the formulation in uppercase letters
  • Description of the product (maximum 5 lines to describe the main properties/application of the product, cosmetic form and texture)
  • List of all the ingredients (including INCI nomenclature and trade name), supplier and their percentages. Supplier name can be excluded for basic chemical products such as Water, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Tocopherol, Propanediol, etc.
  • Summary of the procedure to formulate
  • Expected appearance of the final product (you may include a picture if you were able to physically formulate)
  • Other specifications (optional): parameters such as proposed stability protocol or any other relevant measurable parameter of the formulation

Tip: your technical domain will be more noticeable if you include information on aspects such as recommended mixing speed, temperatures and pH for preservative.

Get inspired! Check out the formulations included at the beginning of each subcategory in our CareActives and CareMotives catalogues, and click in the link that says FIND OUT ALL THE DETAILS. You will get access to the PDF file of that specific formulation with the format that we normally use.

Explanatory short video requirements:
(.mov, .mp4) (maximum duration = 2 min; maximum file weight = 100 MB)
In order to be in with a good chance of winning you must not only develop a formula, but also a short marketing story to accompany the prototype product.
This is your opportunity to explain to us your inspiration to create your formulation, what trends it responds to, who is the target of this product, how the product should be used and what the challenges are when formulating it. Also, explain the expected appearance of the final product.
If you were able to physically formulate, take advantage of the video to show the physical characteristics of your product, such as its texture and spreadability.

Watch the following video for some inspiration: Gorgeous-U Juicy Body Mousse

And visit our YouTube channel, where you will find many other helpful videos.

Also, listen to our Cosmetic Applications Manager explaining the details of some of our formulations: Provitalks on formulation.

Selection of finalists
A short list of 39 proposals (3 per each of the 13 subcategories of products from our CareActives and CareMotives) will be selected by a chosen panel of experts from Provital.
An international jury will later select the winner for each subcategory, which are those entries that receive the highest score of each of the 13 subcategories of Provital’s products. These will be the 13 finalists whose formulations will be included in our 2023 catalogues.
The jury will also select the global winners of the competition, independently of their subcategory. Entries which are ranked in the top are awarded with the first, second and third prizes based on their total score from among the 39 short-listed proposals. The jury’s decision will be final and not subject to appeal.
The evaluating panel and judges will score the formulations based on their technical merit, response to the latest trends in the cosmetic world. Judging the competition will be experts from the Personal Care sector from different countries.
The finalists will be revealed in our official LinkedIn and Instagram accounts on October 11 th 2022, and the winners of the first, second and third prizes on October 14 th 2022.

Prizes for the global winners of the competition (independently of their subcategory)
One first prize: 500€*
One second prize: 300€*
One third prize: 100€*
*Subject to tax retention and deductions in accordance with fiscal legislation applicable in your country of residence. Prizes are not transferable and will be awarded to the confirmed winners only.

Publication of the 13 finalist formulations (one per subcategory)
The 13 finalist’s formulations will be published using an iconographic design in our 2023 catalogues. We will link their corresponding PDF file and video through QR codes/links so that everyone gets to know all the details of each one of the formulations. The original files sent by the finalist when submitting their proposal may be subject to design and layout adjustments.
By agreeing to this terms, finalist give their authorisation to Provital SA and subsidiaries to publish their files and formulation proposal as part of their 2023 catalogues, as well as the rights for the reproduction of their video and its inclusion on Provital’s official YouTube channel and WeChat in China. Note that Provital will always give the corresponding acknowledgement to the finalist.

Provital reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions provided that such amendments help carry out the competition and do not substantially affect its nature. Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of, and agreement with, these terms and conditions.
For any queries, please contact marketing@weareprovital.com clearly stating the subject Rising Stars Challenge 2022.