We draw on traditional wisdom to extract the essence of nature’s caring properties, in a lively fusion of multi-functional natural extracts that awaken natural beauty. This is how CareMotives’ SparkCares range was born.

Découvrez la qualité de nos produits

Natural cosmetic extracts that enhance all kinds of beauty

SparkCares is the most vibrant range of our CareMotives cosmetic extracts. Complexes of natural ingredients based on ancient knowledge that enhance every cosmetic formula to bring out the best in all kinds of beauty.

Choose from our multi-functional ingredients for haircare (polyplant hair) based on algae (polyplant marine), fruit (polyplant red fruits) and herb (polyplant 7 herbs, polyplant alpine herbs) combinations.

Stimulate your creations with multi-property ingredients to ignite the spark that inspires the beauty of our environment.

Responding to the demand for emotion

A smart combination of extracts with well-known properties that allow each person to shine with their own beauty. We offer a varied selection of natural ingredients that invite people to let their unique splendor shine through, with the stimulating nature around us.


If you want to take care a step further, we recommend CareActives, our range of invaluable natural active ingredients that explore new mechanisms of action - within vivo, in vitro or ex vivo efficacy results - for skincare, overall well-being, and respect for our environment.