“Private Sector Experiences on ABS” (UNDP) webinar, with Ricard Armengol

“Private Sector Experiences on ABS” (UNDP) webinar, with Ricard Armengol

The 10th of December, Ricard Armengol, CEO of Provital Group, will participate in the webinar organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) entitled "Private Sector Experiences on ABS: Challenges and Recommendations".

This webinar presents three experiences of private sector companies from the cosmetics, food and fragrance industry that use genetic resources under national ABS regulations (Access and Benefit-sharing).

Ricard Armengol will present the company’s efforts to access genetic resources from Mexico for the sustainable development of a cosmetic product that guarantees traceability and equitable sharing of benefits to protect the genetic resources and traditional knowledge of local communities. This project has allowed Provital to become the first company in its sector to comply with the requirements of the Nagoya Protocol.

You can register for the webinar here.